Green House Equipments

Types of Exhaust Fan for Poultry


50″ box fan

50″ CONE fan

Hanging – Axial Fan

Hanging – Axial Fan for Air Circulation
Size36" dia - 3 blade
Motor H.P1/2 hp, Direct Drive
R.P.M.960 RPM, 230 V AC. 50hz
Body & GrillGalvanised
BladePowder Coated, Aluminum Blade
Structure of Box Fan
Outside FrameGalvanised Sheet
Fan DuctingFibre Glass / Galvanised
Blade MaterialAluminium / Stainless Steel
HubAluminium with gun metal busing
MotorIP 55, 230/440V 50hz
ShutterGalvanised Sheet
BladeFreq.Amp 400 VHPRPMNoise (db).Air Flow m3/hr
50" Box122050hz2.11.51440less than/equal to 6244250
50" Cone127050hz2.81.51440less than/equal to 6451020


Evaporative cooling is the process in which air is cooled by using the heat in the air to evaporate the water from an adjacent surface. The hotter and drier the incoming air, the higher the temperature reduction. A temperature reduction of 10 to 20 C (50-72 F) can be achieved by passing the hot air through the wetted pads. The temperature reduction depends on the dry bulb and wet bulb temperature of the ambient incoming air, the thickness of pad (in the direction of the air travel), the geometry of the pad, the air velocity through the pad and provided the proper amount of water is used and distributed evenly so that all of the pads are wet through their depth, height and width.



Quality logic controller is operated by activating & deactivating fans, curtains, heaters, cooling systems & alarm according to preset parameters suitable to control power, natural or tunnel ventilation houses. It is a stand alone controller equipped with keyboard & alphabetical LCD display. It is supplied with temp. and humidity probe. Also available with P.C. connectivity.



A unique heating system to heat complete / part of a poultry house. Suitable for cages as well as for floor system.

It is designed to work automatically with the help of Control Panel. It ignites & operate on the basis of required temperature suitable for the b i r d s. Ignition takes place automatically only when gas supply is made, in absence of gas supply the system switches off automatically. The system saves gas and maintains uniform temperature; one space heater is suitable for 2500 to 3000 sq.ft. Depending on the atmospheric condition.


Supply Gas Pressure11.8 Min. – 14 max. (LP) 4.9 min. – 14 max. (Natural Gas)
Air Delivery - Heated1,173 CFM
Fresh Air Requirement for recirculation900 CFM
Electrical Requirements115V/Single Phase/60Hz or 220V/Single Phase/50Hz
Motor1/3 HP
Motor Currents4.7/2.5 Amps
Dimensions Length x Width x Height27”x20”x28”
Shipping Weight120 Ibs
LP Gas01-5430 (C225LP)
Natural Gas01-5434 (C225NG)

Salient Features

1>. The first indigenous Gas Brooders manufactured in India
2>. Economical in comparison with conventional brooding system
3>. Affordable price to even small farmers
4>. Can be installed & operated easily by any average operator
5>. All time uniform temperature
6>. Easy maintenance
7>. SS washable filter provided for better efficiency
8>. One year warranty from the date of purchase
9>. Spares easily available on order
10>. Two brooders can be used by the single gas cylinder

Technical Specification

Gas ConsumptionMin.200 G/Hr / Max.400 G/Hr
Operating Gas Pressure3-6 Kgs/Sq.Cm. (43-86 Lbs./Sq.inch)
Calorific ValueMin. 2280 KCal./Hr. / Max. 4560 KCal./Hr
Brooding Capacity1000-.1200 Commercial Birds
Brooding Area Converage225Sq.Ft.@4' Height
Weight2.5 Kgs.
Dimension600mm Dia Canopy / 125mm Height
Suggestive Placement4Ft. From the ground level
Brooders Gap Required15Ft
FuelLP Gas
Temperature Range30'-30'C@225 Sq.Ft.Area

High Pressure Fogging Systems


High Pressure Fogging Systems

Unique Brass Fogger provides very fine fog and uniform temperature for poultry and green house applications with using pump.


1>. micron of the foggers: 5-20
2>. water discharge: 89cc/min=5.34l/h
3>. pump capacity(pressure: 50-70kg/cm2)
4>. Pressure: 20-70 kg/cm2 (use 50kg upwards)
5>.Pipe: High pressure PE

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