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Quality Systems is engaged in a continuous effort with no compromises, to the improvement of all the products and services.We assured you of our quality products and timely delivery with complete support you may need for your projects.

Layer System

Quality Systems Layer cages are ideally suited for tropical climates and optimum use of natural ventilation


It has a unique center cool design to the give maximum ventilation to the birds and ensures that air can circulate without obstructions. QS cages are made of high galavanised steel wire which give more life to cages than normal galavnised wire.

Broiler System

Quality System’s Automatic Pan Feeding has One feeder from day old to finish.
It comes with feed level adjustment which Avoids feed wastage during early rearing period. Grill provided ensures minimum feed wastage which in turn increases profitability. We offer a ‘Feed Controller Slider which enables farmer to shut-off feed where there are no birds.

Breeder System

Quality systems offers the entire range of equipment’s for breeder on floor or on cages

For breeder on floor we provide chain feeding / pan deeding system with nipple drinking, slats with manual / auto nesting complete with environment control system. For breeder in cages we offer California & Battery H’ Type cage.

India’s Leading Poultry Equipment Manufacturer

Quality system offer the latest and most advanced & sophisticated production of chicken farm equipments in house facility which is supported by a professional research and development project with professionalism, capability and competence. QS Equipment are made strong, durable and the technical solutions are original, simple and very effective

About Us

Our parent co. M/s Evergreen Technology Pvt. Ltd is in all types of wire mesh since 1949.

Suppliers of california cages & manure removal system


QS Cages with Center Cool system are designed with 4” air gap between the tiers which allows fresh air to circulate evenly and continuously in the center of the shed and the birds in the middle row get proper ventilation.


Details about automatic feeding system & layer battery cage


Cages – Superior suspension and real flexibility QS steel wire cage is completely fabricated in our own wire manufacturing facility, developing and protecting new techniques to provide a consistently top quality cage product.

Egg Packer & Grader Machines

Farmpackers & Hatchery Machines

Farmpackers are designed for your profit. High performance machines with net capacities close to the theoretical maximum coupled with well built robust designs.Their low-maintenance technology with their hygienic and easy to clean construction makes these farmpackers reliable and hard working companions for many years to come.


QUALITY SYSTEMS is led by a team of professionals who are pioneers in poultry automation systems since 1983.The Company has a dedicated team of specialists and latest support systems to handle turnkey poultry automation and installation.

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